Sep 102014

Save a Life, Adopt a Shelter Pet.




September Surprise

September is our Surprise Discount month. All our dogs are on special. YOU pick the discount amount from our Going Home Box, when you adopt one of our adorable dogs.  This includes puppies too!!!  Discounts range from 10-40% off our adoption fees.

Buddha 2






Double the Cuddle

Kittens are 2 for the price of one.  Visit our Kitten Room and fall in love with 2 of our little cuties.


 Bedtime Stories

sweet dreams When you go to sleep tonight, in your comfy, snuggly bed, “paws” for a moment and think of the shelter guests that are waiting for their forever homes. We are in need of Kuranda beds for the dogs and towers for the cats. Donate Here to help our pets get some comfy beds.

Foothills Animal Rescue * 23030 N Pima Rd * Scottsdale, AZ 85255 * 480-488-9890