Arizona Animal Hospital

Arizona Animal Hospital

Dr. Cordes grew up in Iowa, in the heart of the animal health corridor and where many of the major advancements in veterinary medicine were founded.  After graduating from Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Cordes practiced veterinary medicine in a mixed animal practice.  Dr. Cordes has practiced small animal medicine and surgery, but also has a background in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry helping to pioneer better approaches to patient and human safety.

Brett the Vet Says “We have seen many great improvements in veterinary medicine. Healthcare technology, like the cell phone gets better and cheaper. I spent 8 years learning what the ideal veterinary practice could look and feel like, knowing when the time was right, I would someday create a hospital where high quality medicine, dentistry and surgery could be provided at a fair price to the consumer. We want this fresh start approach to be a refreshing experience for all pet owners we serve.”

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