Care for Your New Pet


Congratulations on your New Pet!                                                               

Oops… the new dog just left you a surprise on your white carpet or your new cat just hissed, ran under the bed and will not move.   What happens now?  Yes, this may happen to you within the first few hours or within the first few days and it does take patience and time for all new pets to adjust.  Most of our animals are rescued from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control or the Humane Society so we do not know their past stories or if they have good house manners. Foothills Animal Rescue wants to make sure that you and your New Pet have a smooth transition from shelter to their final home. Our Cat and Dog Guides will help to answer questions, provide a resource and instructions on certain situations or issues that may arise when getting a New Pet.  Not all situations are addressed and a certified trainer may be the best help with challenging issues.  Be Patient is the first advice that we give all of our New Pet Owners!

Contents include:  Introductions to other Pets, Family Members and Your House;  House training;  Diet Recommendations;  Separation Anxiety; Leash Training and Poisonous Food/Plants to be aware of.


Virtual Pet Behaviorist from ASPCA:

26 Household items that are poisonous to Cats and Dogs:


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