FeLV-Positive Cats


FeLV Cats Make Wonderful Pets

 All of our cats in this program are free due to the generosity of caring volunteers and supporters who love our FeLV cats. To learn more about living with an FeLV cat, Click Here.



Kross is a large gorgeous male tabby.He is a shy, quiet boy who would love a calm quiet home with no small children. Kross has come a long way and is no longer the cat that hides all the time. Once he gains your trust he likes his neck rubbed and he is surprisingly playful for a cat that at first appears very reserved. He really enjoys wet food, treats and ping pong balls. 

mystery2Mystery is a playful and affectionate girl with gorgeous markings. She will immediately capture your heart. She came to FAR through Carefree Animal Hospital and they adored her. If we had favorites at FAR, Mystery would be one of our teams favorite cat. She is such a lovebug and demands attention from her human companions.  You will fall in love with her, she is very easygoing.



Larkin is a large and very handsome boy. He has unique markings including a huge dark bushy tail that contrasts with his white body. He is very unique because he is tri-colored and calico males are very rare. Larkin is a friendly boy that likes to be petted. He is also a polydactyl which means he has extra toes. He will need to be groomed regularly to keep his gorgeous coat from matting.




Simba is a beautiful girl with unique and stunning yellow-orange eyes as well as extra long white whiskers. She is quite shy but if you approach her calmly and quietly she will grant you the chance to show her some affection. Simba is not used to being handled so she is fearful of it. She takes a while to adjust to changes and will need a home with patient and experienced cat parents. Simba seems to get along fine with other cats and loves to play with feather toys. She has a very playful nature and it really helps to build her confidence and bring her out of her shell.Because of dental issues, all of her teeth have been removed with the exception of her canines.

IMG_3143Tim A

Tim A is an inquisitive, playful and affectionate tabby boy with large engaging eyes. He especially enjoys running and wrestling with other cats and will need a home with other energetic cats (that don’t mind rough play) for playmates. He likes to be petted but is too active to be a lap cat at this point. He has a condition that causes his nose to be stuffy/runny. It is most likely due to exposure to a virus when he was young that permanently damaged nasal and sinus tissue which disrupts mucus clearance making him more susceptible to infection. Tim A does very well despite this but may need his human parent(s) to wipe his nose at times and may require periodic antiobiotics. We are hopeful that this condition will greatly improve when he is out of the shelter environment. Less stress means a stronger immune system and fewer flare-ups.






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